Wednesday 22 April 2015


On Valentine's night I took L to see Slow Club at the Pleasance in Edinburgh, I really am an old romantic. I was slightly apprehensive as I had loved Complete Surrender so much I was worried that live the tracks may lose something and I would leave pissed off. I need not have worried,  it was one of the best gig going experiences I have had of the last few years. I found myself getting carried away and actually singing out loud on more than one occasion.  That only usually happens when Roddy Frame plays either The Boy Wonders, Birth Of The True or Down The Dip. Anyway, the whole set was absolutely wonderful and nine of the eleven tracks from Complete Control were played  with an absolutely exquisite (not a word I would normally use but I can't think of a better one) acoustic rendition of  The Pieces being a particular highlight and also the song posted from the previous album Paradise.

Slow Club - Beginners (Live WNCY)

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