Tuesday 21 May 2013

Most Bizarre Title Of The Year?

It will be a strange record that comes up with a more Bizarre title than "I Lost My Shoes On Acid".

The track is apparently by some very famous djs but the fact that I haven't been clubbing or bought a MixMag in years puts me at a disadvantage in that I don't even know who is a famous dj these days. All I know is that this track samples the Hugh Masekela track from 1980, "Don't Go Lose It Baby and has an absolutely infectious acid line. I can imagine this being huge on the dancefloor.


Unknown Artist - I Lost My Shoes On Acid


Swiss Adam said...

That hits the spot.

anto said...

my 12 yr old daughter pointed me in the direction of this


saying it was a bit like the funky stuff I like...which it is...a but like it...how did a plumber like yr man find the groove and the question you ask is why do i like this...but i do. ah shit, look whats happening to music

drew said...

That was alright Anto but the advert prior using Atomic was better.

drew said...

Anto just listened to this for the third time and have to admit loving it. What the fuck does this say about me!!!

Anto said...

told you. this is confounding.