Friday 17 May 2013

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Last night I had a vague notion of a tune I wanted to post in this series but couldn't actually remember the whole tune or the artist but what I was almost, positively, sure about was that it had been released on deconstruction,  possibly??

So I hauled all of the deconstruction 12" singles down the stairs, made a brew and settled in to find the track.  The hardships I put myself through trying to keep this series going!

The first thing I realised was that I had bought a lot more records on the label than I actually remember and then it came to my attention that some of them had not dated all that well but I suspect that at the time they weren't that good and were bought in a post clubbing come down haze when you think that everything you heard the previous evening was brilliant and had to be purchased. I'm not saying that they were all like that but some.

Love Thing by Evolution as an example.  Not a clue how it went until I put it on the turntable, quickly picking up the needle again, putting it down further through the track repeating the process again and then lifting it off, consigning it back to it's sleeve for posterity.

Other things fared better,  some, granted with the assistance of some very good remixers, Fire Island and Justin Robertson to name but two.

By the time I had played about half of the pile I had forgotten what I was looking for in the first place and after a particular 12" by the Grid, I was off on a search for a track on Junior Boy's Own but was it by Underworld or Lemon Interupt? Same thing I know but the name would determine where it was filed.

The track is by Lemon Interupt and is the AA side of Eclipse. It was released by Junior Boys Own in 1992 and was credited to Hernandez/Slim and Valesquez better know as Carl Hyde,  Rick Smith and Darren Emerson.

I bet Ctel knows which Grid tune sent me scurrying for this particular track.

Have a good weekend people.

Lemon Interupt - Big Mouth


Anonymous said...

oh gawd, the pressure. Ummm... Texas Cowboys?

drew said...

I knew you would get it Ctel.