Wednesday 22 May 2013

I Know I Fucked Up

If you've come here to have the mid-week blues alleviated, you've come to the wrong place and might as well click on whichever link down the right hand side you think might fulfil your need. Because what I have today could  only be termed as miserable.

Two years ago Darren Hayman set himself a task to write and record a song a day during the month of January. The results are patchy and most deal with broken relationships and the struggles of life, I'm not sure if it's due to the time of the year when the songs were written, the bleak mid-winter but there is not much smiling going on here. Even the song co-written by Elizabeth Morris (Allo Darlin'), now Elizabeth has always struck me as an upbeat kind of girl with a sunny disposition but here she comes across as miserable as Morrissey must have been when he lost the court case against Mike Joyce. It is however a wonderfully rueful song.

The single came in a lovely hand painted sleeve

Darren Hayman - I Know I Fucked Up

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