Thursday 30 May 2013


I have been regretting not going to see the Fall at the start of the month, not because the reviews were great, far from it, however it does seem that Smith's performances got better and he was visible a lot more the more that the tour went on. I think that I am regretting it because I'm beginning to think that there may not be that many more opportunities what with the fact that he doesn't seem to be fit enough and also that I find the new album less than essential. It has it's moments but has far too much filler for me and it seems that lyrically Smith is far from at his best which is quite ironic as the band from the bootlegs from this past tour seem to be on top form. Maybe after all this time I'm just "over" the Fall.

Here is my highlight from the last album which I think, if I'm wrong and I hope I am Smith gets fit and working properly again could be a monster of a song live.

The Fall - Loadstones


e.f. bartlam said...

I'm a terrible fan I guess.

It seems to me that matter how genius they may be...has a Best By date.

The old blues players had this figured out. They just played and recorded the songs they'd written in their prime. The genius of Will Oldham can be seen Viva Lost Blues and the Mountain Ep AND in his scheme of constantly changing his stage name.

The soundtrack of the early and mid 90's for me is Pavement. For that first seven years they were untouchable...then they imploded. I had no interest in seeing their reunion. It happened it's gone.

Even with the Colossal (Mark E Smith, Prince) there's a point where we part company...and my favorite moments remain intact.

Jimmy said...

Never thought I would here you say your over the Fall Drew this is a momentous day!!

drew said...

E.F./Jimmy - I only said maybe.

Jimmy - are you through next Thursday?

e.f. bartlam said...

To be fair I still think Mark E Smith hung the's just that most of my listening centers around a ten year period.

That may seem strange coming from a fifth or sixth generation Cracker but, lyrically Smith has much in common with the Southern Gothic tradition...using the mundane as a setting for demonstrating the absurd and bizarre nature of existence. A lot of the music, I suppose unwittingly...maybe not, had a Mississippi Hill Country Blues stamp all over it. Maybe The Delta's Jon Lee Hooker or south Mississippi's Bo Diddly (Wings and Neighborhood of Infinity cut a groove as deep as Boogie Chillun.

When you consider that the vast majority of Southerners...the vast...are heirs of people who were too poor and unruly to live in Ireland, Scotland and the North of England and that, according to Sobel, they shared a very similar world view to that of the West Africans who were kidnapped and brought to The should be no surprise that The Fall strike a certain chord with this redneck in Mississippi.

It should also come as no surprise that my verbosity has been brought on by a comfy Friday night lager buzz. :)

I'll shut up now.

Jimmy said...

no i have taken your mantle on the need to go, you make sure and have a good day