Friday 3 May 2013

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Apparently this is my 1500 post, according to Blogger and how apt that such a momentous occasion should fall on the day of the series that refuses to give up the ghost and vacate the building.

I was thinking that to mark such a milestone I should post my favourite dance tune in the world ever, however I have posted Rez once or twice before. So instead, here is something quite recent  from The xx, remixed by the Balearic remixer of choice,  John Talabot once again. Fans of the Streets may recognise the sample. This was another record by The xx which was pressed in a ridiculously small run off, although double the previous Talabot remix and not only available from Japan.

If this tune makes you feel a bit blissed out check out Duke Dumont's remix of Falling by Haim, future summer fave, if we ever get a fucking summer up here. It reminds me of an old tune called Energy Rush by Suburban Delay for some reason.

I was feeling quite summery this week, after two days in Luton, the sun being out making it bearable but on the decent into Glasgow last night it was back to cold, wet and windy which it still is today.

Have a good weekend people.

And yes, we have had this picture before.

The xx - Chained (John Talabot & Pional Blinded remix)


Dirk said...

Happy anniversary, Drew: keep on like that!

Swiss Adam said...

Welcome back. Looking forward to getting hold of the music when I get home. WE had one day of sunsheeeiiine here and now its cold and grey again.

Walter said...

Congratulation to number 1.500, Drew and keep on posting on that level. I also look forward to summer. Have a nice weekend

dickvandyke said...

Nice work drewster, hen.

Fifteen hundred is fenominal.

Off to Cornwall tomoz for a mate's50th. Wish I had a helicopter.

Unknown said...

Congrats Drew.
Hope the series will NEVER give up the ghost. It's a lovely day out here, sunny and warm, but not too much, after what felt like the longest winter ever.
May the Weather Gods be good to you this weekend.

Jimmy said...

Congrates drew on the 1500, it pissing here in Edinbro also if it helps!

davyh said...

Blissfully lovely evening here in SW London, the cherry trees in bloom and rosados chilling. Bring on the BHW.

dickvandyke said...

And yes, I recall that picture.
Reminds me of a blow up doll I had in 1982. (The '3 Hole Deluxe' I think it was).

I know ... I'm going.

anto said...

top tune, top snap top man. that sounds stupid. but i'm in that kind of buzz. listening to death in vegas's back to mine. fuck me. left me job today in a fit of 'fuck the lot of yis'.

and going hillwalking in killary harbor in the whest of ireland tomorrow. you all should go.

so there you have it.

drew said...

Cheers Guys,

Anto - not a tad drastic? but i like your style.

Raining in the capital Jimmy, shurely not

Anonymous said...

many congrats on getting to 1500. here's to many more - and many more of this excellent series

Tom W said...

Thanks for the Haim, and for Kris Kristofferson the other week

drew said...

Tom W - glad you enjoyed them