Sunday 26 May 2013

What's In Yir Box? O

If you thought last week's singles were rather scant, you will be even less impressed this week as we only have two Os in the box. I like to think however that it is quantity over quality, all killer no filler, I could pad out this post with at least another ten crappy platitudes but I think that  I will just let the music speak for itself.

First up we have possibly at a push my favourite single of the punk era, although I don't think it's a punk record but it definitely reeks of that period to me but it's not punk. Also the one single that Stiff's eldest brother owned that I coveted over all others. It is a single that for years I looked for pre and post internet,  looking for a mint copy,  it had to be mint as I knew that it would be played over and over and over again. It wasn't until relatively recently, within the last couple of years that I obtained a reasonably priced, M- copy of
Another Girl,  Another Planet and it is no exaggeration to say that a fortnight won't have gone by since without me playing it.

Even now, I get goosebumps and shivers when I hear that intro and when the song starts I can't help start jumping about like an eejit and what's that, a guitar solo in a record recorded in 1978, yes it is and it's glorious. AG,AP was a standard on my compilation tapes for years, copied from my copy on a TDK 90, the quality couldn't have been great as that D90 was played to death.

I think if push come to shove and I could only pick one tune from 1977 - 1980, then Another Girl, Another Planet would be that tune.

The other single under O in the box is Blue Boy by Orange Juice. I would love to tell you that I bought this single when it first came out and that I was into Orange Juice when I was eleven,  but alas no. I,  like most people my age would have to say that I only became aware of the band some three years later when I heard Rip It Up. I'm sure the band would have been played in the Wilson household before then, so I would have been exposed to them but for some reason they hadn't registered. I had a couple of friends whose older brothers were heavily into Orange Juice and Joseph K and I remember getting copies of Gregor's brother's albums and of course I got quite a few bits of the later stuff, such as What Presence and Lean Period from the friend who's father was a music journalist, a story  which I have blogged about before.

The reason why Blue Boy is in the box over  the previously mentioned number 8 single in 1983, or Felicity or L.O.V.E Love or the others I own is due to the sheer exuberance of the track, it seems to go at a hunner miles an hour and I just love the jangly guitar.

So in my fathers words "If  that's my dinner then I've had it". I promise that there are more Ps in the box and just wait 'til we get to the Ss. But I'm sure you will agree two better singles it would be hard to find.

The Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet

Orange Juice - Blue Boy


Charity Chic said...

Another Girl Another Planet would be in my all time top 10 and nearer the top than the bottom - potentially even the very top!
3 minutes of unadulterated genius

dickvandyke said...

O shit
I just spent the best part of an hour listing my fave 'O' singles along with reasons why.
Bastard thing disappeared.

Therefore, here's just a scant list of my twopenneth worth. It's somewhat melancholic and I suspect I'm putting myself atop a shooting gallery choosing these.

Maybe you could find a couple of the tracks drew and stick em on one day? ..

Odyssey - If You're Looking For A Way Out

Hazel O'Connor - Will You

Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone Again (Naturally). Or if you can't stomach him, try the Shirley Bassey versh (a 1st for this fine blog) or preferably Har Mar Superstar - who's take on it is mighty fine.

Roy Orbison - Crying

And a real fave of mine from 96 ..
Simon Fowler / Ocean Colour Scene and the acoustic version of 'The Circle'.

If that lot don't mellow your Sunday, then nothing will.


e.f. bartlam said...

Outkast - Mrs Jackson

Oneida - Everyday is a Child With Teeth (Liars cover)

Oather Turner