Friday 24 May 2013

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Today's track was supposed to be one of the deconstruction tracks that I ripped last week, however I got waylaid and instead here a monster of a house track from 1990 which could well have been the inspiration for Positive Education by Slam.

For some it may be a bank holiday, not bloody me I'm in Aberdeen on Monday, still it could be worse it could be Luton.

Have a good weekend people.

Ron Trent - Altered States


davyh said...

The one in blue is Kerry from Human Resources. She needs to see you about your P11D.

No Bank Holiday? Scotland's rubbish!

davyh said...

PS: Cheers!

drew said...

It is a holiday up here but also Monday is the only time I can get to see someone.

davyh said...

: (

word veri - age sodssam

Anonymous said...

the pictures with this series are almost as important as the tunes

drew said...

That's me that is Ctel, in the waistcoat