Tuesday 7 May 2013

It Was A Very Good Day

L, I and the boys spent the bank holiday in the West End of  Glasgow and a good day was had by all.

The main reason for the trip into the town was to see the Gareth (of How Does That One Go Again fame) curated exhibition on Scottish football, "More Than Just A Game" which if you are ever in Glasgow or close enough to visit you really should go and see. When I saw the picture of Broomfield and the famous Pavilion I got more than a little watery eyed. And did you know that The Airdrie Schools cup is the oldest competition of it's kind? Well, I did because my dad has told me so on more than one occasion, his team's winning of the trophy along with the 1960 European Cup final and his trip to Wembley in 1967 being his favourite three stories the last two being present in celluloid at the exhibition and the actual trophy of the first behind one of the cases. Although I cannot comprehend being in a crowd of 127 000 people watching the football, we are lucky to get 900 at the games these day and it will be less next season apart from on two occasions, I suppose.

When we eventually left Kelvingrove it was over the avenue to the skate park where as luck would have it just up a wee bit The View were playing on the top of a bus promoting the T in The Park festival. The boys from Dundee were maybe not "on fire" but they were very good and a pleasant surprise

After the band finished and the kids played for a while in the park it was up to Byres Rd for something to eat and then off to Oxfam music for a very quick root about where I managed to get a triple vinyl 12" pack of Aretha Franklin and C&C Music Factory's "A Deeper Love" at a very reasonable price which will appear here soon. By this time it was time to head home.

A most agreeable way to spend a Bank Holiday, me thinks.

The View - Grace


Charity Chic said...

Broomfield had lots of character unlike those Identakit stadiums you get today
Brockville was another one

Anonymous said...

If yr passing, the Oxfam shop on Victoria Rd in the southside had a load of new 12"s in at the weekend, picked up a nice Hot Chip 2x12" with the Naum Gabo Optimo remix.

davyh said...

Bank Holidays, love 'em. We went to a big car boot sale out in the sticks and I got Misty In Roots Live At The Counter Eurovision 1979 ('The greatest live album ever made' - John Peel) on VG cond. vinyl for two quids and Mrs H got some runner bean seeds.

drew said...

CC it did that,

Anon - unfortunately I very rarely get over the Southside.

I don't usually bother with them but I have been told I can no longer have them as floating, so will need to start using effectively. Not listened to a lot of Misty In Roots.

dickvandyke said...

What a picture. What a photograph.

howdoesthatonegoagain said...

Thanks Drew - glad you enjoyed your day oot. Chuffed you liked the exhibition too!