Tuesday 30 April 2013

Give Me A Muthafuckin' Breakbeat

SA over at the Bagging Area had a post at the weekend about The Face magazine that got me searching the internet for a copy from late 1988 that I missed out being in by about an hour, see here.

Anyway, after a bit of investigation, it turned out that the edition was November 1988. This was also the edition with an article about Neneh Cherry at that time a little known artist. The article stated something like " Buffalo Stance is the best record you will hear this year" and one thing The Face was good at, for me anyhow was that their music reviews tended to be spot on. And so it was with Buffalo Stance, it might not have been the best record of that year but it was up there and I flogged it to death in it's original and remix form.

Here is the remix which doesn't tend to get much of an airing.

Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance (Give Me A Muthafuckin' Breakbeat)

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Swiss Adam said...

Let me introduce...the hi-hat.