Wednesday 2 January 2013

Thank God That's Over!

I'm not really as anti-social as it must sometimes seem on this blog, it's just I like to socialise with people I know. I 'm not one for being in a room full of people I really don't know that well and being forced to be sociable,  feigning interest when somebody gives me their life story or participating in idle chit chat. I suppose that does make me anti-social, anyway I'm glad that the party season is over and I can get back to normal.

Here is a track that Anto brought to my attention in one of his comments. Not being a listener to fabulous Radio 1 I nearly missed this. Miss Banks has a truly filthy mouth but for all that I really quite like the track. Just don't play loud in front of children or parents.

Azeilia Banks - 212


Swiss Adam said...


Great song as well.

Webbie - FootieAndMusic said...

Ah but if sturdy girl was there, completely different then.

drew said...

You are right Webbie, then even I could do idle chit chat

Walter said...

Done right - damn good song. I played it loud to my mates and the got the groove but none of them the words.

Dirk said...

Rrright: two days into the New Year and already the middle aged men dream about the Sturdy Girl.

A perfect start as far as I'm concerned!