Tuesday 29 January 2013


There hasn't been much new music recently that has made any impression on me and I had half decided not to go out of my way tring to find new stuff and instead spend my free time trying to find the elusive northern soul singles that are on my wants list and just be happy listening to what I've got maybe finding a gem or two that I have overlooked by not listening to enough.

But then last week a wee email flies into my inbox from a band from Aberdeen who I have never heard of.  As the email was addressed to Drew and not the usual Bill, they had obviously at least read one post on the blog and the fact that I have a fondness for the Granite City I decided to give the tracks a listen.

I was duly impressed by both tunes and I would urge you to give them a listen. I'm not saying that the music will change your life but it if you like jangly guitar music there is every chance that you will find this right up your street.

The single Tea Party will be released digitally on 4th February and can be purchased here and will also be avalable on love 7" vinyl later in the month

Marionettes - Tea Parties


Unknown said...

Thank you for the very informative post. Will look forward from hearing from them soon! Good luck!
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Jase said...

Presumably not to be confused with the awful 3rd rate Sisters of Mercy copyists The (Screaming) Marionettes?