Tuesday 15 January 2013

King Kong

Probably stepping on Swiss Adam's toes here but this song is a belter of a rockabilly track that I have been itching to post for a while.

Sometime ago I was listening to an interview with Keb Darge, the northern soul and funk dj who branched out into rockabilly and has compiled some very good compilation albums with the like of Cut Chemist and Little Edith. In this interview he was going on about playing "safety records" and mentioned the reaction there was on the dance floor every time he played King Kong which got me kind of curious as I had never heard of the song. So I looked it up, loved what I heard and sought out the 7" single. Only after buying it, did I realise that I already had it on the Keb Darge and Paul Weller Lost and Found compilation, a compilation I obviously hadn't played much. Better to have it on 7" anyway.

Big 'T' Tyler - King Kong


Swiss Adam said...

That's a good 'un and no mistake

Charity Chic said...

I knew I had a copy of Keb Darge and Little Edith's Legendary Wild Rockers somewhere and after a bit of searching have found it. You've put me it the notion to give it a listen. Cheers

Charity Chic said...

There is a (as not as good) version om Legendary Wild Rockers by Tarantula Ghoul and her Gravediggers!

Dirk said...

Listen to this in the car this morning and what a great tune it is, to be sure!