Thursday 17 January 2013

Ain't Nobody's Business

One of the things that I love about northern soul is the sheer randomness of it. More often than not the record which you love will be the only thing or one of very few releases by that person; which consequently leads to one of my frustrations with the scene,  in that the fact that singer or band didn't release much and that the tracks never even troubled the lower reaches of the charts very little is known about the records or artists.

Today's post is a prime example, all I know is that Ernie Marbray was from the Bay Area and wrote this belter of a track. Oh, and to get your hands on a copy of the single you will need at least a hundred and twenty quid.

I really wish the picture above was of this on my turntable and not just a scan of the single but alas the posted mp3 comes courtsey of Goldmine Northern Soul Time cd and not the vinyl. Maybe one day.

Ernie Marbray - Aint Nobody's Business

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