Friday 11 January 2013

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

I don't really know that much about this tune. I think that it is either Dutch or German in origin. The original mix starts off with a long piano intro and then turns into a pretty perfuntory trance track nothing special. But on the other side the Slam boys sprinkle it with their magic and turn it into a different beast altogether.

Have a good weekend people.

State Of House - Pacific Dance (Slam mix)


davyh said...

Outrageously, Mrs H is out tonight at a works do. They've gone to the panto.

I know.

The girlies are amusing themselves in their room, the eldest having got a mini hi-fi for Christmas (£60 from amazon!).

I have had a (nice) sad curry meal for one.

Might get tragically and inappropriately drunk.

drew said...

I may join you. Just had a lamb bhoona which could have been anything as the cold which was doing the rounds has decided it's my turn again. They don't mention that when you have kids that you are going to end up with every bloody cold going round the nursery.

I remember my first music centre, Sanyo, with a tape deck that spat out the cassette. Those were the days.

Was going to email you during the week with an idea but got side tracked.

Here's to the H family

davyh said...

Weirdly she has a cassette player in hers. Didn't think she'd use that, but just the other night caught them both playing old Winnie The Pooh audiobooks they'd been given as tots.

Now very tempted to slip the eldest one of my 80s mixtapes just to see what she'd make of it.

An idea you say? I could do with one of those, email away.

drew said...

Found this pic on the net of my music centre, well not mine but the same as mine. $150 on Gumtree, seems a bit steep to me.

drew said...

Would have helped if I had included the link

davyh said...

They've decided they want to watch 'Time Bandits'.