Friday 31 December 2010


I will not be posting anything tomorrow, if the truth be know will probably be in no fit state to do so anyway. I will be trudging the streets of Lanark first footing, first stop being the in-laws for stovies and a few beers then onto my mother's for the traditional home made steak pie and a few more beers.

Most people who stop by here will probably also visit Acid Ted but if you don't you really should get yourself over there tomorrow and download the exclusive mix kindly donated by Error Operator and while you're about it please donate as much as you possibly can to The Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust, a cause dear to Ctel's heart as he lost his son 3 years ago to a brain tumour which has also become a cause that a few of us bloggers have latched onto due to Ctel's very moving account of Lawrence's struggle with this particularly nasty and virulent form of malignancy.

As someone who works in clinical research and oncology in particular at the moment I know the amount of money that is being spent in this field and the whole lot more funding that is needed to continue this necessary research . So instead of that extra couple of pints you were going to have this weekend or that few quid you were going to fritter away on something which you don't really need in the sales, donate a few quid to something worthwhile and get a cracking mix into the bargain.

And Happy New Year again.

ACID TED can be found here


dickvandyke said...

I only really understood the second half of that post drew. Nevertheless, you made perfect sense when it mattered.

You remain an inspiration.

By the way, if we could iradicate the Coal Ishun, perhaps we could also get rid of this country's recent obsession with bleedin' meerkats.

Pesky little vermin standing on 2 legs and infiltrating our lives at every turn.

(And I hate those hairy mongoose-like fuckers too).

*Ooh. Political satire. You get the lot on this blog dear readers.

Anonymous said...

drew - many thanks

Unknown said...

Happy New Year Drew and to the rest of the family. Hope the hangover isnt a bad one.

Oh and let's get that much promised beer early in 2011.