Tuesday 21 December 2010

Dub Side Of The Moon

Following on from yesterday's post.

When I first heard that a group of Reggae artists were planning to record a dub version of Dark Side Of The Moon, I was rather surprised and then intrigued about how it would sound. Unlike a lot of Floyd fans I did not think that it was the end of civilisation as we know it or the up most sacrilege.

So when The Easy Star All-Stars released Dub Side Of The Moon in 2003, even the fourteen quid price tag didn't dampen my curiosity and I bought it.

On the whole it works, it takes a couple of listens to adjust but once you have listened to it a few times it makes perfect sense. As for trying to sync it with The Wizard of Oz, as is suggested on the sleeve notes, well you will have to try that yourself as I have neither the inclination nor the essential copy of the film to try it out.

The Easy Star All-Stars - The Great Gig In The Sky


swiss adam said...

This on the other hand is very good.

drew said...

Why this and not the original SA?

swiss adam said...

I don't know- can't get over my dislike of Pink Floyd.