Tuesday 14 December 2010

What You On About Jobbers?

This came on the iPod while driving up from Birmingham earlier this evening and I realised that I have never known what the lyrics to this song are and what's more I haven't been in the slightest bit curious over the past THIRTY years about what Jobson is going on about in this song.

Has not having a scooby in any way diminished my appreciation of this absolutely wonderful piece of pop?

Not one iota!

I also suspect that Jobbers doesn't really know what the hell he is on about on this record either.

The Skids - Circus Games


davyh said...

Mission is a gambler
The Wager, the one card to play
Priest has the burden
He thinks, the right thing, to say
Amid all the honour
He sees, the wrong one, to share
Since child is an angel
The duty, the one card prepare

Right on!

I love this song. Ever since I got it on Street Level.

drew said...

Davy, I did not wish to know those lyrics. You have probably just ruined that song for me!

drew said...

Still haven't a clue what he's on about mind you!

davyh said...

Me neither.

Lee Thacker said...

Does anyone remember the Maxell (I think!) advert with Into The Valley 'lyrics' shown on cue cards: 'Into the valley, peas sure sound divine, ...whose disease is catskin, my picture is Hugh's toe, Ahoy! Ahoy! Len see a sty! Ahoy! Ahoy! Barman and soda!'

drew said...

I remember that Lee, they also did it with the Isrealites if I remember correctly