Friday 3 December 2010

Disturbing Times.

Number one son has taken a shine to Shaun Ryder. I'm not sure what causes me more concern that or the fact that I seem to have spawned a reality TV junkie, what with that and the Cack Factor!

Happy Mondays - Lazyitis


davyh said...

Ach, there are worse heroes to have.

Mind, there are better, too.

Twistin' me melons man.

Simon said...

He was funny as when he was smashing up the flat pack stuff. I've wanted to do that so many times.

Swiss Adam said...

Son I'm dirty
I only went with your mothet cos she's thirty..

etc etc

Britani's greatest poet since Keats said Anthony H.

I take your point.

Swiss Adam said...

Or was it
Son I'm thirty
i only went with your motehr cos she's dorty

Eitehr way...

Swiss Adam said...

Mother and dirty they should be, obviously. Bedtime possibly.