Wednesday 15 December 2010

Gig of The Year

It was quite a funny year gig wise. Didn't go to nearly as many as I have done in the previous few years. This was partially due to the fact that all the gigs I did want to go to were on in the same week or fortnight or when I was away with work.

There is a more worrying reason that has crept into my lack of attendance this year and that is,  I cannot be arsed. I look at the listings,  see somebody I wouldn't mind hearing live and then I check out the date and it is usually mid week and at the Wah Wah Hut and all of my enthusiasm drains away. I say to myself,  do I really want to drag myself back out, drive into the Town stand through a couple of mediocre at best support acts then wait for the main act to come on stage at 10:30 pm and eventually get home sometime after midnight to get up again at 06:30?  The resounding answer 99% of the time is no. And before anybody comments that it is because I am becoming an old git, I am well aware of the fact and this is why I am troubled.

Without a shadow of a doubt my best live experience this year was The Airborne Toxic Event at the Pleasance Theatre in Edinburgh. As with the Wedding Present I have never seen this band give a lackluster performance.  Granted I have only seem them 5 times and that has been over the space two years but it is still quite an impressive track record. But the performance in Edinburgh was particularly special I think that this could have to do with the quite intimate,  rather lovely venue complimented the band wonderfully. Also there set was chosen extremely well and the segueway from Missy into I'm On Fire truly inspired, the 2 and a bit years of near constant touring have certainly paid off. It has been a while since I left a venue with quite as big a smile on my face. The only downside is that that will probably be the last time that I will see them in such an environment as I think that with the new material that they aired that they are on their way to bigger venues and good luck to them.

It is also very easy to pick the biggest disappointment of the year and that rather dubious honour goes to that contrary bastard Mark E Smith, who will most certainly not give a damn about it. So much for your work ethic Smith, you robbing bastard, it wasn't big and it certainly ain't clever. And to the guy whom we overheard saying " That's Mark E Smith and that's why we love him" you must be even stupider than you look, fanboy.

The Airborne Toxic Event - A Letter To Georgia


dickvandyke said...

That's it drewster, let it all out. We're here for you.

As a founder member, I can attest that The Curmudgeon Club (Affiliated) has the fastest growing membership in the UK. (That, and other Clubs like, 'I Was A Chilean Miner', 'Spoilt Bastard Footballers', 'Fucked Off With This Snow', and 'Not-Really-Affected-But-Awfully-Livid-Students'.

Welcome aboard Brother Drew. We have warm slippers, jigsaws and mead.

Unknown said...

Just done my own posting on live gigs which is scheduled for Monday.

This was one I couldnt get to for one reason or another....same with The National the other week....also was unable to get along to The Wedding Present (first show of theirs I've missed in years). So that's three belters I'm real sad about.

Still, consolation of Butcher Boy twice (with one more to come), Edwyn ast his best and an astonishing set from The Twilight Sad have been some compensation.

But surely the best gig was the first Blog Rocking Beats event?????

Lee Thacker said...

I concur competely with your opinion of mid-week gigs (especially at this time of the year!)
Us 'old gits' need to stick together!

drew said...

I'm with you Dickie, although not sure about being grouped in amongst Spoilt Bastard ball kickers.

T'was a great night JC. I now wish I had got off my arse and organised the christmas bash as I was going to do!

We do need to stick together Lee but I always think, what am I missing out on?