Friday 3 December 2010

It's Friday . . Let's Dance

Back to the streets of Lagos for today's dance track. Another track from the Tony Allen remix project, Lagos Shake on Honest Jon's.

Mark's Disco Dub is remixed as suggested by the title by somebody called Mark.  The Mark in question is Mark Ernestus one half of German dub Techno pioneers, Basic Channel. Along with Moritz Von Oswald they released a number of influential 12" singles under a number of aliases on their Basic Channel label.

In the late 90's the duo moved away from the dub techno sound which they had helped to create to a more vocal driven reggae sound and released music under the moniker Rhythm & Sound, the compilation See Me Yah and the remix album are well worth a listen.

Tony Allen - Tony's Disco Dub (Mark Ernestus remix)


dickvandyke said...

Forgive me as I must confess that I prefer the picture to the music.

(And haven't we had that girl before? (So to speak))

drew said...

We have indeed Dickie.

A bit chilly in the shed tonight?

dickvandyke said...

Get those boys out in it. It's 'character building', drew.
(And I don't mean creating a snowman).

May pop a cardy on tonight. Draught sharper than a Trotsky Icepick.