Thursday 23 December 2010


Tears comes from th Brain Freeze Breaks album, a collection of the tracks used on DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist's Brainfreeze mix cd. Those of you familiar with the work of Josh Davis will instantly recognise the riff as Shadow sampled it on the track Organ Donor.

It wasn't until recently that I found out that the artist Giorgio whom this track is by is none other than Giorgio Moroder. Slow on the up take or what. The track can be found on Moroder's 1972 album Son Of My Father

This track has always slightly unsettled me as I find it kind of creepy.

Giorgio - Tears


swiss adam said...

I've never heard this before. Tis slightly creepy. Happy christmas Drew

Anonymous said...

The clue is in the album title but something I found out recently too was that the very same Giorgio Moroder was the author of Chicory Tip's hit from 1972 "Son of my Father" - is it such a great leap from there to "I feel love"?