Monday 3 January 2011

Out With The Old And In With The New And All That Guff

Hope you had a good New Year. Mine's has been somewhat tempered due to the most inopportune bout of the flu and no alcohol has passed my lips since Hogmanay, not a bad thing you may say but due to masochistic tendencies I have forsworn the demon drink for the month of January yet again and therefore have a quite intense month ahead at work without the prize of a gin or two on a Friday night.

Anyway, enough moaning. Here is a record that I dug out and played on Hogmanay for no reason in particular but really enjoyed hearing again.

Westworld - Sonic Boom Bop

which in turn lead to

PWEI - F1-11

which inevitably, in my head anyway, meant that

Big Audio Dynamite - The Bottom Line



Simon said...

I can remember when those tunes sounded like the future.

swiss adam said...

Yeah, top tunes especially Westworld and BAD. Your kitchen looks nearly as bad as ours did

drew said...

Simon - they have dated but not that badly

SA - My kitchen was better than that thankfully (photo purloined from t'internet)what with call offs due to illness and over anxious parents our Hogmanay bash was rather civilised.

Simon said...

I love em all, but it does seem like a long time ago, when people were mixing hip hop with vintage rocknroll riffs. BAD haven't date too badly, although the drum sounds are pretty ropey.

I think Jamie T has a lot of moments that sound like BAD.

davyh said...

I'm glad to hear that's not your kitchen - I didn't have you down as a Rolling Rock man.

Sorry to hear about the flu.

And the no alcohol Jan.

: (

Mondo said...

What brief but beautiful blip that was when old punks made sci-fi pop..

I may blog my rare Video Mix of Love Missile F1.11. Came out on a very limited 12" in 86..

Anonymous said...

Is that Cokes Bacardi Breezer at front of pic? Send an email to my work address tomorrow, I think I am back up and running in the back of beyond.

Steph Mulrine said...

How could you give up gin, Drew? Just.. Seriously.. How could you do it?! Poor gin never did no harm to -- oh, wait, yes it did.

Carry on.

Max said...

Nice triptych of tunes there mate, and an excellent excuse to use the word triptych too!