Friday 22 September 2017

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

I was all set to post some quality drum and bass courtesy of Goldie and Grooverider today until I got kind of waylaid last night.

I don't have the stomach or the mental tolerance these days for Question Time so am always looking for alternatives on a Thursday night and so last night rather than spending more time on Twitter or trying to finish my latest Brookmyre I put on Film 4 as Quadrophenia was on and that seemed like a better alternative than that smug Dimbelby and the rest . Just to set the record straight I was never a mod and Quadrophenia was not the reason I first bought a scooter, that was due to Absolute Beginners, no mirrors, carriers or whip aerials on that scooter, just a beautiful GS as the Italian makers intended it to look. So after about 10 minutes in I had the urge to listen to and Weekender which recounts the story of my late teenage years/early 20s better than the film from 1979, albeit without scooters. I still wanted to watch the film but the soundtrack was just not doing it for me and of course the Phil Daniels sample at the beginning and end of Weekender means that it is forever entwined with Quadrophenia in my mind. If you substitute a field somewhere in Scotland for Brighton, get rid of the Parkas and suits in favour of dungarees, flares and oversized T-shirts, a complete lack of animosity between warring tribes, soundtracked by repetitive beats then you have the picture.

You may be wondering why I am up so late on a school night, well the short answer is it isn't as it's the September weekend up here, four days that in bygone decades would have meant a severe bout of hedonism but now entails painting the bathroom and taking the kids to the loch if the weather is half way decent. But I can still just about remember when this weekend used to be about so much more, although we never did the Glasgow thing and decant to Blackpool for the duration.

I have decided not to post Weekender as it has appeared on two previous occasions but will post another record that makes reference to Quadrophenia, it has also featured before on the blog but only the once.

Tomorrow Airdrie's still manager-less boys are away to JC's beloved Raith Rovers and if they come back from Fife with anything less than a mauling it will be a bloody miracle. I will not be in attendance as a) I don't tend to go to away matches and b) it would be a bit tight to get back and then head into Glasgow in time for the Mary Chain, so I will be listening to Open All Mikes with trepidation.

Have a good weekend people.

Secret Knowledge - Sugar Daddy (Out Of Our Brains On The 5:15)


Swiss Adam said...


I love Quadrophenia, we were all into it as kids (early teens, early 80s). Lesley Ash and all that added to the pleasure.

Brian said...

A smile to think Absolute Beginners got you on a scooter. Like Adam, I was into Quadrophenia as a lad myself. A few of us were over here.