Wednesday 14 September 2016


The Alarm Clocks were formed in 1965 in Parma, not the one famous for it's ham but the suburb of Cleveland Ohio and only ever put to tape two songs Yeah and No Reason To Complain. Both were recorded live and released on the band's own Awake label. Due to the complete apathy of the record buying public the band split up in 1967.  The record, unsurprisingly once you hear it became a big deal over the years for Garage and psych collectors and if you have a spare two grand you could be the proud owner of the one copy for sale on Discogs, or you could buy a copy of the album Yeah on Norton records which has both sides of the single plus the tracks from the band's demo tape and also three tracks from one of the bandmember's previous band. Both tracks also appear on the first in the series Back From The Grave with fifteen other hard to find garage tunes.

The Alarm Clocks - Yeah


Brian said...

Did you go the Awake route? Surprisingly, I have heard this song before... pretty sure it was on Steven Van Zandt's radio show Underground Garage. Was a long time ago, but this is one you don't forget. Thanks.

drew said...

I am not proud of the fact that I bought a bootleg 7" Brian.

Brian said...

Nothing to be ashamed of, pal. At least you got it in some form... and now I do as well. Thanks again.