Tuesday 6 September 2016

Love Runs Out

Love Runs Out was originally the flip side of the 1965 release The Duck on the Dunhill label. The record was bootlegged in the 1970s by dodgy soul dealer Simon Soussain  and was covered up as "Let's Do The Duck" by Richard Temple. The artist was actually Willie Hutch, one time boyfriend of Brenda Holloway and the lead local on "Just A Boy's Dream" by the Phonetics. The Duck is a great dancer and a totally different song to the song of the same title by Jackie Lee, although I prefer the other side, which was re-released in 1977 on the ABC label as a split single with Lend A Hand by Bobby Hutton which featured here not that long ago.

Willie Hutch - Love Runs Out

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Brian said...

This certainly has you written all over it, Drew. Should have been a smash.