Friday 30 September 2016

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

It's twenty five years since Slam released Dove's Fallen on their Soma Quality Recordings label which seems like both yesterday and a very long time ago. I loved Fallen which just reinforced my belief from the first hearing of Eterna that this label was going to be something special. Twenty five years on sadly Dove, or One Dove as they were to be know were around for an all too brief period but both Soma and Slam are going strong with a new double album from Stuart and Orde  out imminently on the label. Here is the last collaboration between Dot and the boys, a dark piece of minimal techno. Posted is the vocal mix which sadly contains all too little of Dot's dulcet tones.

Not sure what's on the cards this weekend. Airdrie are away to Alloa Athletic, the league leaders and if the previous two weeks dismal performances are anything to go by we are in for a mauling. Sort it out Kevin!

Have a good weekend people

Dot Alison - Cry (Slam Vocal mix)


Anonymous said...

Great tune. Great gif

Tom W said...

When I first discovered music blogs like this one and Acid Ted's, I explained what I was excited about to my wife by saying "It's a whole network of men who, like me, believe that One Dove never got the success they deserved!"

drew said...

Tom W - you are absolutely correct, One Dove should have been huge.