Wednesday 7 September 2016

I'm A Man

At the weekend I was going through  the box containing my rather sparse collection of garage/psych 7" singles making a list of my most wanted and checking online to see the kind of money I was looking at, a pretty penny it turns out. This got me thinking of the similarities with the rare soul scene, the obscure non hit wonders, the even obscurer labels, the avid/fanatical collectors,  the price of the records and the obsession with original vinyl. I think that if in my mid teens I had been able to get my hands on as much of this as I had soul I may have ended up with a collection of music with a different emphasis but then again maybe not, as although I am no great dancer I like to have a go and soul is just better to dance to than the feedback fueled, frenetic sounds of garage rock.

Enough of ifs and ands, here is one hell of a noisy  cover of a Bo Diddly tune which is probably best known due to the Spencer Davis Group version. The version by The Litter was the b-side of Somebody Help Me released on the Warick label in 1967. The band were formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1966 and they disbanded in 1970 after going through more members in the four years than even Mark Edward Smith could go through. Their first single Action Woman was the first track on the original Pebbles album. I have absolutely no idea how you would dance to the last two and a half minutes of I'm A Man but it is a glorious racket.

The Litter - I'm A Man


Brian said...

I was told to turn this one down, but there is no other way to listen to it.

drew said...

it's good Brian, isn't it.