Monday 26 September 2016

Pain Is The Name of Your Game

I am ashamed to say that I had no idea who Ural Thomas was until I saw this single on Nick Waterhouse's Pres label last year so I initially thought that Ural must be a friend of Waterhouse's or an artist that he had toured with. When I dug a little deeper I found that Thomas hails from Portland Oregon, knows as "Portland's Pillar of Soul",  had released three singles including a deep soul ballad version of today's track back in 1967 and then appears to have given up recording until 2011. Nick Waterhouse produced Pain Is The Name Of Your Game which if you are familiar with his two albums will be quite evident as it has the same sort of sound and feel to them. Talking about Waterhouse albums, his third, eagerly anticipated, well by one quarter of this household anyway , third full release, Never Twice is due out this Friday.

Ural Thomas & The Pain - Pain Is The Name Of Your Game

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