Thursday 22 September 2016

She's The One

A recent post on the consistently brilliant if a bit intentionally obscure at times (joking Badger/SWC) When You Can't Remember Anything sent me in search of my vinyl copy of Foxbase Alpha. I have heard this lp described as less of an album than a collection of songs in different styles from dub to cool jazz to house  and if you believe Wiggs and Stanley and why wouldn't you it came about through a series of accidents and they were learning and making it up as they went along. All I will say is that it hangs together pretty well as an album and is as enjoyable to listen to now as it was back in the heady, optimistic slightly chemically enhanced autumn nights back in 1991.

The picture above is the Subbuteo edition that came out in 2009,  The gullable consumer that I am,  how could I resist owning a 6" Saint Etienne Subbuteo figure,

Saint Etienne - She's The One

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JC said...

It looks to my untrained eye more like an Irish subbuteo player than St Etienne but then again their colour of 70s green is nigh on impossible to replicate using airfix model piants. I had no idea such an edition had ever been released. It is quaint and charming. Worth a few bob too no doubt.....