Tuesday 20 September 2016

Love Special Delivery

I'm going through a bit of a garage/psych phase at the moment. If that's not your bag don't worry as I don't own all that much. Another similarity with Northern Soul this genre has is that for quite a lot of the best records there is very little known about the artists. Take today's track by The Fire Escapes, a cover of Love Special Delivery by Thee Midnighters, there is a question mark over whether they were even a real band or just a load of studio musicians brought together by producers Hank Levine and Larry Goldberg to lay down this and flip side Blood Beat which were released on GNP Crescendo Records in 1967. Whatever the true story is they make a rather fine fuzzed up racket on this galloping track.

The Fire Escape  - Love Special Delivery


Swiss Adam said...

Wonderful racket.

Anonymous said...


Here's the listing/info from Discogs site:


Answers some questions, eh?! The LP looks fab!


Ciao! For now.

drew said...

Cheers for that rntcj, the album does indeed look worth a punt on.