Monday 13 September 2010

Sometimes I Feel So Lonely

I sort of lost interest in Primal Scream after the Vanishing Point album. I still bought the albums but not with the same vigour or with the anticipation which filled me before the releases up until that point. I also became selective in buying the singles from that point on. I think that the last one I bought up until the release of the single posted was Kill All Hippies.

I don't know why I lost interest in them, it wasn't a concious decision although all the bollocks that Bobby Gillespie started spouting did get on my goat a bit.

I have tried to listen to Exterminator, Evil Heat etc but they just don't grab my attention the way the earlier albums do. I know people who rave about these albums but I just can't seem to see what they are going on about. There are great individual tracks on them all except in my opinion Beautiful Future which has no reedeming features at all, unless you count Weatherall's excellent remix of Uptown, only available on the 50 quid a throw, limited vinyl version, or white label 12".

Sometimes I Feel So Lonely, from the 2006 Riot City Blues album,  is a quite lovely ballad that harks back to the likes of Star and I'm Gonna Cry Myself Blind.

Primal Scream - Sometimes I Feel So Lonely


Ctelblog said...

I feel exactly the same about the Scream. Their stuff became unlistenable noise for no purpose. It was less Bobby's vague political posturing as the appearance at fashion shows that was the fnal straw for me.

swiss adam said...

I really liked XTRMTR- stuff like Shoot Speed Kill Light and Swastika Eyes were great. Having 3 or 4 guitarists, including Kevin Shields made noise inevitable I reckon. Evil Heat had a couple of good 'uns (mostly produced by Weatherall).Riot City Blues- patchy. Beautiful Future- rubbish.