Monday, 6 September 2010

Picture The Scene

There's a lot of northern floating about at the moment with Mr H and Simon both posting a couple of class tunes today.

So in the absence of anything better to post here is a blue eyed soul track which has featured here before but this time it's from the excellent, Night Owl compilation on Joe Boy which came out to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Wigan Casino. The packaging of the cd was rather novel at the time as it came attached to a 7 inch single of the song Night Owl performed by Roy Hemmings which I realised tonight I have never played.

The introduction at the start of the song is by Dave Evison who used to DJ at the Casino and played the last ever record there.

Tony Galla - In Love


davy h said...

I don't mind the evenings drawing in if this sort of stuff's gonna be around : )

Simon said...

I never played that single either!!!