Saturday 18 September 2010

Green Eyed Loco Man

There was a rather good documentary about Mark E Smith repeated last week on BBC4. Although I have watched this programme many times, it was only last week that I picked up on the bit near the end when he talks about the crowd and says "I ain't bothered about the crowd. The crowd don't interest me" pretty strange comment from a man who makes his beer money from the folk in the audience who go to see him.

Those who can remember my rant about the Edinburgh gig earlier this year will recall how he fucked off after 25 minutes never to return. But I think that, as with much of what MES says, it should be taken with a pinch of salt, as I have seen him at times be influenced by the crowd and on 2 occasions even interact with them!

I wish that the Fall were touring up here soon.

Here is a track from the second last Peel Session from the Fall broadcast on the 13/03/2003.

The Fall - Groovin' With Mr Bloe - Green-Eyed Loco Man


Jimmy G said...

He strikes me as the sort of person who, a lot of the time, maybe out of boredom I suppose, just says daft stuff which he doesn't really mean or believe. I've read his book and it's a good read and hilarious in places, but I'm sure he was sat chuckling as he made it all up.

drew said...

Jimmy, Renegade is a very funny read but I think should be taken with a gritter's load of salt.

But I love the bit in the Fallen when Marc Reilly says that he had asked for his wife to be put on the guest list but Smith told him to fuck off she could pay like everybody else, I do believe that.