Monday 20 September 2010


This song has featured here before but it was over a year ago and I think it deserves another airing.

It's also not a bad way to start off a new working week.

Gal Costa is a Brazilian singer, hugely popular in her homeland and if the price of lp's on ebay are anything to go buy highly regarded here also. She also became something of a political activist and had her music censored.  This track was on her eponymous solo album released in 1969 and that folk is all I know about her.

Gal Costa - Baby


Artog said...

I know Os Mutantes did a couple of versions of this song - both great. I've only got one of Gal's albums Gal (1969), which, now you mention it, does seem to be fetching a bit. How mad, it's a two year old reissue. I was led to it by the inclusion of Tuareg on this.

davyh said...

You set me off in search of more Gal with this a year ago Drewster, for which thank you.

Word verif = 'mixin'.