Sunday, 12 September 2010

Jam On The Mutha

There is a worrying trend over at one of my favourite sites and from a man who should know better.

Ctel over at AcidTed has been posting some dodgy remixes of 70s and 80s soft rock. After his post on Friday featuring Foreigner's Cold As Ice, I jocularly commented what next a techno version of Boston's More Than A Feeling.

To my horror about ten minutes ago while checking to see what new stuff Ctel had posted I was confronted with, yes a bloody dance remix of More Than A Feeling. I tried, as instructed to suspend my prejudices and just listen to the track for what it is but I couldn't.

The chords transported me back to a rather awful time in the 80's when Miami Vice ruled,  all of the geezers in Lanark wanted to be Crockett and dressed in single button jackets with sleeves rolled up and slip on shoes with no socks. These guys would congregate in a particularly tacky pub called Flicks which was all shiny chrome and mirrors and would drink Shlitz. This is where the link with Boston comes in, as More Than A Feeling was used in a particularly successful ad campaign, well here it seemed anyway,  for that watery and tasteless brew as it became the beer of choice for the geezers with the permed mullets and dress jackets.

I had to delete the track after 3mins 24 seconds as I couldn't take any more.

Here is the only 'successful' dance cover I know of, of a soft rock classic and as it was on Wau Mr Modo I always suspected was rather tongue in cheek, either that or the Doves they were necking were that bit stronger than the ones available up North.

It was always a laugh dropping this in the pub where I used to dj as you would be guaranteed to have at least one aging rocker come up and tell me that it was sacrilege and I should take it off immediately.

Jam On The Mutha - Hotel California (Ibiza 90 mix)

Jam On The Mutha - Hotel California (Intru-mental)


acidted said...

I simply don't understand how you can like this and not the Boston remix.

swiss adam said...

Can't quite understand how either of you could like either of them. Good post though Drew.

drew said...

I only really like the instru-mental.

Simon said...

I'm secretly rather fond of all that soft rock stuff, it reminds me of listening to the radio with my best mate on a Saturday afternoon listening to the American top 40 while we read the comics we had bought in town in the morning.

But I cannot stand, with a passion dodgy dance remixes/versions of those tunes. No!!! Just horrible horrible tunes.

drew said...
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drew said...

Simon - how the fuck can you be fond of guys with perms playing shit middle of the road music when you are a mod at heart and had a thing for Poison Ivy.
I fucking despair, please do not introduce the little fella to such nonsense

Simon said...

Lol its a nostalgia thing. A bit like my country thing that I also don't talk about.....