Friday, 24 September 2010

It's Friday . . . Let's chill for a while

I thought that I would follow up yesterday's post with the only remix I've ever heard of, of John Martyn's music and what a fucking beautiful remix it is.

I heard this one late night in 1996 and thought that I must be tripping as I was sure that I was listening to a blissed out John Martyn but it couldn't be as it had beats and tablas. Although not something that you couldn't imagine Martyn producing I just couldn't believe it was him.  I knew that I had to have it, even if it had been by somebody else it would still have been an essential tune.

The next problem, couldn't find the bugger anywhere and nobody seemed to know anything about it. I eventually found out that it had been released on promo only by Go! Beat, the story being that Martyn hated the remix and would not allow it's release, how true this is is anybody's guess. Anyway, the realisation dawned that the chance of me ever owning this record were extremely slight.

The following year one of my best mates was going to Ibiza and I jokingly said to him, "mind and look for a copy of Sunshine's Better" as I reasoned if it could be found anywhere then that would be the place.

When on his return he told me he had got a copy of "that John Martyn tune for you" I thought he was on the wind up until he came round to the house and presented me with it. I'm not one to get emotional but I came very close to hugging and kissing him but in turn handed over the readies and thanked him profusely.

Although not the original Go!Beat promo but a promo for the cafe Del Mar Vol IV it was and remains a prized possession and I still can't believe that Starky took time out from clubbing and chasing women to search round the record shops on the white isle for a record that he only half believed existed.

So sit back, pour your favourite poison and take 13 minutes out to do nothing but listen to a masterpiece.

John Martyn - Sunshine's Better (Talvin Singh mix)


Mondo said...

I meant to chip on yesterday's post, but will hop on here. I was a late-comer to JM, but once - I'd discovered him, it was like finding a long lost friend. Luckily I caught him on the Solid Air tour before he slipped away.

On the subject of chill tunes - Small Hours ghostly tones are as soothing as sipping on a full and fruity red.

drew said...

Mondo - I used to include small hours in all of my "chill out" compilations and it was invariably the track that was commented on by whoever I gave it to.

A beautiful piece of music at it's best when it's dark outside and the wind is howling but you are safe and warm inside.

Mondo said...

I've been on a chilly buzz for a bit lately. I'm sure you've checked them but FC Kahuna's Hayling is gorgeous, Jon Hopkins - Private Universe similar. and Ulrich Schnauss album Far Away Trains and remixes are both worth putting in your Amazon basket

Mondo said...

Whoops here's the first two link 1, 2

drew said...

Thanks Mondo, not familiar with Jon Hopkins and only have A Strangely isolated Place by Ulrich Schnauss. Will have to do some investigating

Dubrobots said...

There's an edit of this that crops up everywhere, but the full 13 minute version seems to be quite hard to find. Thanks a million!

And Small Hours is absolutely beautiful, no one I've ever played to has failed to be amazed by it.

swiss adam said...

Not heard this before- very nice.

davy h said...

Can you sort us a sunset too? And a Spanish measure G&T? Ta.

drew said...

Spanish measure, you'll get a good Scottish quarter gil and like it!

Sunsets, alas, are outwith my pay grade.

Nolan Micron said...

That's pure lovely, Drew.

drew said...

It is rather lovely, Nolan. It's funny I posted this track in the early days of the blog and it got some thing like 20 downloads whereas it's at over 200 at the moment.