Thursday 16 September 2010

Silence Is Golden . . . Pish!

I was in Nottingham today for work, well I went down last night but decided instead of getting the flight back up this evening and having to endure the madness that would have ensued trying to find a road home that wasn't either closed or full of the faithful on their way back from Bellahouston park, I decided to drive up the road which I calculated would take me less time. For once I made the right decision and made it up the road in four and a half hours.

The hire car, however didn't have mp3 connectivity and so for the first hour or so I decided to drive in silence. Something I never do.  For a while it was quite refreshing only me and my thoughts for company but then I started to get bored and put on Radio 4, however during possibly the worst afternoon play I've ever heard it was back to the silence as I just couldn't bring myself to listen to Radio 1 and I'm not old or wacky enough to listen to Steve Wright.

It's at times like these I realise how much of an unhealthy reliance I have on popular music in general and my white branded MP3 player in particular.

The Clash - If Music Could Talk

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Simon said...

That's an Ipod car charger/fm transmitter. Less than a tenner plugs the lighter socket and transmits to whatever FM frequency you choose. I've got this one, means any car you get in, so long as it has a radio can become Ipod-ed...

Works for me!