Saturday 25 September 2010

A New Dawn

Being somebody that was totally underwhelmed by This Charming Man and Hand In Glove, I was looking  for something that I could relate to as a fifteen year old kid from west central Scotland who had the wants and desires of your average teenager . I started to get really pissed of at these guys in their horrible cheesecloth  shirts, carrying copies of the Complete Works Of Oscar Wilde under their boggin' Oxfam overcoats, talking about celibacy when the only thing that I wanted to do was get deep down and dirty with a member of the opposite sex.

Thank fuck for the Mary Chain. When they exploded on the scene there was no need for all of that sensitive shit. Us philistines who could not give a fuck about what happened in Reading Gaol or who was found at Victoria Station could be safe in the knowledge that there was nothing wrong in wearing tight black trousers and Ray-Bans and wishing that we were part of the Factory.

Jesus And Mary Chain - Upside Down


Simon said...

I never got The Smiths. I loved the guitars, but while I loved a band like Prefab Sprout or Lloyd & The Commotions they were never that kind of Indie that was everywhere in the mid 80s. I remember a review of Psychocandy that said it was the best debut album since Patti Smith's Horses.

There was a South Bank show on the Velvets that showed them as being inluenced by Lou & co, and all the punk comparisons just made me like them, possibly more than I might have otherwise.

They still sound amazing now.

drew said...

I still love Psychocandy, Simon

The reason for this ramble. Came back from the pub last night asnd the the overwhelming urge to listen to Upside Down very loud but not wanting the wrath of L, I put the headphones on.

dickvandyke said...

He he.

I found my old 'Ray Bands' from the 80s in a bottom drawer this week. My 15 yr old daughter pointed out how trendy they are!

Wahay. They were bent to fuck, but I got some Specsavers dude to straighten them up for the price of a pint. He laughed as - having lost the case - I keep them in an old orange sock.

I look like a right twat in them. But at least I'm cutting edge.

Simon said...

I found a pair of Rays on the bus back in the day. Kept them!

Psychocandy gets regular plays on the old Pod.

davyh said...

Simon, I think those glasses were mine. Can I have them back please?

drew said...

oops just noticed the drunken mistake, ray-bands, what a twat.

I'm away to make an even bigger twat of myself at a wedding now.

davyh said...

All together now - 'And it's Hi Ho Silver Lining - every way I go...' etc.

drew said...

It's a Scottish wedding Mr H, so none of that pish, just teuchter music and men in skirts thinking they're Mel Gibson.