Monday 6 September 2010

Comet Gain

I only became aware of Comet Gain about 4 or 5 years ago when somebody gave my a mix cd with Don't Fall In Love If You Want To Die In Peace on it. I immediately needed to find out more, so after consulting the web I realised that they had been releasing stuff since 1994. 

Why had I never heard of this band before? They deserve to be a lot better known than they are.

I started to try and get hold of some of their output, which was not easy or cheap for that matter as they have released quite a few ltd 7" singles which don't turn up for sale very often on ebay and is not the kind of thing that you will find in many second hand record shops. They have released 5 studio albums and a couple of years ago they thankfully released a compilation album, Broken Record Prayers which gathered together some of the old singles, As and Bs, together with session tracks and some new songs. If you wish to find out more this would be a very good starting point.

Jack Nance Hair was first released as a single on the Mei Mei record label back in 1998.

Comet Gain - Jack Nance Hair

Rebel Soul . . . Living, Loving, Overdubbing

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Mondo said...

Great title - have you seen the vid parodying Eraserhead, soundtracked by HMHB. Here if you fancies a peep