Saturday 23 January 2010

Touched By The Hand Of God VIII

Haven't had anything by Mr Weatherall for a while, although he has been popping up all over the shop recently.

Here is a track that I first learnt of from Nolan over at Castles In Space just before Christmas. It is part of a Manic Street Preachers remix project, Cooking, Cleaning and Flower Arranging and on the strength of the Weatherall mix, I had to order a copy of the very limited (300) run of vinyl. Due to the Christmas holidays and the fact that Rough Trade don't send confirmation emails, I had to sweat for nearly 2 weeks before knowing that I had a copy when the postie delivered it.

There are some great tracks on the album by the likes of The Fuck Buttons, The Horrors and Underworld. Can't tell you how different they are from the originals as I got bored of the Manics years ago and haven't heard the recent album but not many of the tracks on the double vinyl sound that much like the earnest Welsh rockers.

On the evidence of Weatherall's recent mixes, 6 mix appearances and last couple of albums he is on top form again and long may it continue. Not sure about that 'tache tho'!

Andrew Weatherall - Peeled Apples


Swiss Adam said...

Good remix. I quite like the tache. Not sure I'd do it meself though

dickvandyke said...

Didn't he play up front for Barnstoneworth in the late 20s?

dickvandyke said...

Here he is Drew ... I knew it!

aka Mr Davitt (now a butcher)

drew said...

By jove Dickie, your right.

Ripping Yarns was great, wasn't it?

Ctelblog said...

Melchit from Blackadder surely.