Saturday, 2 January 2010

Just Chillin' . . . I Wish.

It's bloody snowing here again!

It's the 2nd of January and as we're in Scotland, there is another party to go to today, when all I want to do is sit at home and chill. I don't know about chilling but it may be possible to freeze, as the boiler is acting up again but because it is still "technically" working we are not a priority and so British Gas will not come out until tomorrow, we contacted them on the 29th Dec, five star cover, my arse.

The Libertines - Don't Look Back Into The Sun 


davy h said...

But what a magnificent vessel, and I thank you for sharing.

We are doing another day with the rellies too - and we're not even Scottish! Bah.

drew said...

It is rather magnificent, also with sounds, loads of dialogue and sounds and the engine at the back lights up, it's brilliant!

Simon said...

I want one. I had the old palitoy version that came with the original figures, but it wasn't as good as that one looks!!!!

dickvandyke said...

British Gas. They wouldn't insure my boiler as they said it was likely to go wrong!
5 Star wassocks.

swiss adam said...

Nice falcon

Fergal77 said...

32c here yesterday, and then pissed down top cool it off, not missing the snow son, nice work on the lego, lovely work on the tunes, cheers