Monday, 11 January 2010

Brilliant Mind

Gareth over at How Does That One Go Again?  had a post yesterday regarding the band Furniture but didn't post the single for which the band will always be remembered, technically he did but you can't download it.
So I thought that I would post the track as it is a something that I have thought of posting a couple of times .

Apart from being one of the best singles released in 1986,  it also featured in my favourite John Hughes film, Some Kind Of Wonderful, which starred Mary Stuart Masterson and included the first time The Jesus And Mary Chain had been heard in a Hollywood movie a good 16 years before Lost In Translation.

For more info on Furniture go over to Gareth's site as there is absolutely no point in me repeating what he has already posted.

Furniture - Brilliant Mind


davy h said...

I always think of this alongside 'Driving Away From Home' by It's Immaterial - remember that? Similarly 'quirky' and out at about the same time *as quick flick in ragged old edition of Guinness Hit Singles confirms, satisfyingly*

Rol said...

I love this song and often find myself singing it - which is weird, because it's never on the radio. Great to hear it again, thanks.

Simon said...

A cracking single, one I listen to quite often. I find it sits alongside Pulp quite nicely, it's a similar mix of styles to the one that Jarvis and Co took to the top so to speak.

Fittinly intelligent too.

Simon said...

Unlike me who cannot spell 'fittingly'. Lol.

swiss adam said...

Great song.

friend of rachel worth said...

greta song and I really love the lyric - "everyone thinks i should go out with you but they are mad becasue I actually dont like oyu that much" or something like that