Friday, 8 January 2010

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

I thought that instead of just random dance tracks that come into my mind,  that for the next few weeks or until I get bored I would post some of the tunes that turned me from a Northern Soul and indie loving scooter boy  into,  well a Northern Soul and indie loving scooter boy with a penchant for electronic and sample based tunes.

By 1987 I was getting increasingly interested in sample based music and Beat Dis fit the bill nicely.

When first released it was thought to be an American import on the Mister-Ron label. this piece of disinformation was released  to add kudos to the release as it was thought that it would get more attention if it was thought to be by an underground NYC producer rather than a homegrown DJ.

The bass line and drum programming were original, composed by Tim Simenon, however the rest of the track was made from a collage of an alleged 72 samples, ranging from hip-hop and soul  to old film and TV dialogue. The record was reputedly recorded for 500 quid, not bad considering that it went on to end up #2 in the UK charts.

On the back of the success of the single Simenon ended up on the front cover of the NME, no mean feat for an emerging DJ, the first to be featured in a magazine which was very much a spotty indie kids mag which had been rather disparaging about house music and dance music in general in the past.

Twenty two years on it still sounds magic to me.

Bomb The Bass - Beat Dis (Extended Dis)


Northern Soul said...

Seminal record in acid house history. The 1st use of the 'smiley face', first successful 'cross-over' record to chart. The Sun even had a promo offer on smiley shirts around this time - about 6 months before acid house became national enemy number 1. Alas i was wrapped up in elitism and disregarded it as a daft chart song only later appreciating it for what it is.

Ctelblog said...

looking forwards to more in this series. should be interesting.