Sunday 31 January 2010

Let's Have A Little Hush

Today I'm not planning on doing much, as I'm off to Belfast tomorrow, which means a 04:30 am rise in order to get the flight.

I think that a bit of ambient is the order of the day. It may also help me keep calm while reading all about that self-righteous, money grabbing, liar Blair's evidence to the Chilcot Inquiry in the Sundays. I will try to resist reading but as someone once said resistance is futile.

Aphex Twin - Rhubarb

1 comment:

drew said...

My remit is strictly Primary Care and i will be a couple of miles away in Ballygomartin. Maybe when I'm over on a 2 day visit you could show me where I can get some of this fabled red Guinness that DVD was going on about