Friday 29 January 2010

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Like yesterday's track, today's post sees me looking back to Aberdeen through rose tinted spectacles or vague memories half remembered through an MDMA fog.

The Pelican Club was a very different beast from the Mudd club, not much in the way of indie played in the basement of the hotel Metro, the emphasis was strictly on the ability of the music to make young, mainly white and in those early days, studenty types move in a what was mostly, very self conscious, for want of a better word dancing. As mentioned before the music policy was a mixture of funk, soul, hip-hop, early house and on occassion Go-Go. I definitely remember dancing to today's tune there.

I have posted on Go-Go and Trouble Funk before and won't bore you with the details. The only thing I will add is that the guy who first introduced me to Trouble Funk had just came back from spending the summer in the States and when I thought about it the other day was actually a bit of an arse. He had returned with this mid-Atlantic accent and all these American mannerisms which when I look back were a bit much for a boy from that well known 'hood just up the Moray Firth from Inverness. Suffice to say "if he were chocolate he would have ate himself". I do however owe him a debt of gratitude for lending me Say What (Live In London) and also Eric B & Rakim's first album.

Trouble Funk - Drop The Bomb (Live In London)


davyh said...

I had some of that MDMA once. It's really not robust enough for durable partitions.

drew said...

Really blunts a saw into the bargain!

davyh said...

Tell me about it!