Tuesday 1 September 2009

Detroit Cobras

Can't recall when I first heard the Detroit Cobras but it was around 2003, when there was all that hype about bands from Detroit, in the wake of the success of the White Stripes.

The band was formed in Detroit Michigan in 1994 and released their first album on the influential local label Sympathy For The Record Industry label which also put out the first releases of the a fore mentioned White Stripes. They are basically a garage covers band who choose to cover favorite tracks from their record collections.

The tracks featured both come from the Seven Easy Pieces ep which came out in 2003 and i have no idea of who originally recorded the tracks.

Looking at the history of the band it looks as though they are trying to keep up with MES with the turn over of band members as at present there have been more than 20.

The Detroit Cobras - My Baby Loves The Secret Agent

The Detroit Cobras - Silver & Gold (When I Get Like This)

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