Saturday, 19 September 2009

Flamboyant Bella

I didn't start this blog of to punt music for record companies and have never went out of my way to encourage PR companies and the like to send me music to review. Usually if I have written about some new band or other it is because I have stumbled across them by way of another blog or seen them support somebody else.

A couple of weeks ago, however, in my inbox was a mail from somebody promoting Flamboyant Bella, I know, I thought the same thing, what a crap name, despite this I listened to the attached mp3 and really liked the track , Get A Reaction, which will be the next single. Along with the track came a press release. Do the people who write these press releases really believe that they are doing the band any favours? Reading the pish that was written actually made me dislike the band, terms such as "pop teen phenomenon" and "bubbly" are not the sort of phrases to endear a band to me.

I am not here to pimp the band to you, I just liked the track and on delving deeper I also liked what I heard of the last ep Abbi. In their sound I can hear a slightly poppier Chew Lips on the new single and a less clever Slow Club in the previous ep.

I still think that the name is pish.

Flamboyant Bella - Abbi


dickvandyke said...

Smashing work Drew old lad.
Honest and realistic viewpoint - allowing the (dear) reader to learn and then listen for themselves.

PR press release authors should put the gloss paint down, stand aside and let you do the job.

A straightforward testimonial speaks volumes. A gold cellophane narrative dipped in bullshit fools only the dozy.

drew said...

Thanks for that dickie.

I don't really feel comfortable with reviewing stuff that somebody has sent me with that as the sole intention even if I like it.