Sunday, 13 September 2009

Soothing Soul

I think that some soothing soul music will be in order today.

L and I will be recovering from a friend's wedding last night and knowing the bride's taste in music it will have been all ABBA, Take That and the like. I will be in need for some soul, even if I don't have a hangover to wash away the memory of all the cheese which would have been inflicted upon my ears last night.

First up is Inez and Charlie Foxx, best known for their version of Mockingbird with the classic No Stranger to Love.

Inez and Charlie Foxx - No Stranger To Love

Then we have Tommy Hunt who hit it big in northern circles with Cracking Up and Loving On The Losing Side. Here he is a little more subdued with Lover, a song so smooth that it will make any hangover feel better and be able to dispel the taste of the maturest cheddar.

Tommy Hunt - Lover

Now back to that dub.

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