Thursday, 10 September 2009

Ever Get The Feeling You're Being Cheated?

Am I the only one sick of all this coverage of the re releasing of the Beatles back catalogue?

If the slightly tweaked albums of a band who split up nearly 40 years ago are going to be the saviours of the record industry, as someone said this week, then I think that we let it go.

Sex Pistols - No Fun (Live At Winterland)


Davy H said...

Still, PiL are reforming....

Word verif - TURDI

Mondo said...

I posted this on The Word wesbite earlier today...

If multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbusters can be bought for bargain bin prices within a few years of release - why in the name of Billy Shears has the price point for a set of vintage albums - that in today's money, probably cost tuppence ha'penny to make - been pitched at £200. Per set.

Why? Because The Beatles maintain an enduring cross-generational appeal, a tidal pulling power greater than the moon and a way getting wallets to open sesame style that no other act act or artist can match. Typically I'll defend The Fabs over any ol' nonsense - the quality of the catalogue weathers most charges. But this, this act of mean Mr Mustardness is cut from the same commercial swizzery and corporate lip-licking that led to the music business hemorrhaging punters when other (online) outlets became available.

It's almost as if the catalogue owners are gorging themselves, Mr Creasote style, on the last meal of a condemned man, with perhaps (and I'm only guessing here) the wafer thin mint being the combined Collectors /Deluxe/Prestige/edition ready for a future release.

Lennon must surely be spinning (at 33rpm) in his grave . Two quotes spring to mind

I Am The Walrus - Oompah, oompah, stick it up your jumper

The Rutles - All You Need Is Cash

drew said...

Lydon never was the most consistent fellow.

Well said Mondo.

I myself, have never been interested in the loveable mop-tops but can see their importance in other peoples lives.
I read somewhere this week that if you don't like them you are either stupid or trying to be controversial, I don't believe I am either, just not interested in their music.

JC said...

you're not the only bored rigid with the whole thing...